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Why Us?

Advanced Mediation Solutions was founded by Ms. Tina Baker in 2004. She understood that mediation was a complex business that required an intimate knowledge of the law as well as counseling to effectively mediate a win-win for both parties. She brings with her a degree in law and is licensed in the state of Arizona as well as a license as a professional counselor.

When selecting a mediator always evaluate the credentials of the company and their mediators. If they are not a licensed attorney and/or counselor, then compare their credentials with Advanced Mediation Solutions to make sure you are receiving the best possible mediation services. Please click on the principle mediators to learn more about our credentials.

Why Mediation

By choosing to negotiate with each other under the mediator’s guidance, instead of hiring a lawyer to make “winning” arguments to  a judge, they have achieved an informed agreement that is carefully worded and workable, and therefore unlikely to result in post-judgment disagreement and litigation, i.e., an agreement that “sticks.”

About Your Mediator

Tina Baker, JD, MC, LPC

Founder, Owner Professional Mediator

Over 30 years Experience


Ms. Tina Baker JD, MC, LPC is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Mediation Solutions, PLC. She is a highly qualified divorce and family mediator. Ms. Baker utilizes her combination of unique credentials as an Arizona licensed attorney, as well as an Arizona Licensed Professional Counselor with broad expertise in business, law and psychology to help others resolve disputes.

Ms. Baker uses her comprehensive communication and people skills, business background and professional expertise to help others reach lasting mediated agreements – quickly, with reduced costs and least possible stress.

Ms. Baker is a member of the National Association for Conflict Resolution, the Alternate Dispute Resolution Section of the Arizona State Bar Association, the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution, the Maricopa County Family Mediation Association, the Arizona State Bar Association and the Arizona Association of Professional Counselors.