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Step 1: Free Consultation

You may contact us initially by email or telephone and then we schedule a time to meet with both of you for a FREE CONSULTATION. After we have scheduled a convenient time for a complimentary consultation, we forward both of you an email confirming the time and place of our first appointment including driving directions.

We email both of you as part of scheduling to emphasize that we are neutral and there to assist you, regardless of who first contacted us.

During this complimentary consultation, we describe our mediation process, especially as it pertains to your particular family circumstances and answer questions you may have in deciding whether mediation and working with us is a good choice and fit for you. And we learn of special issues that may influence the way we work with you.

FREE CONSULTATION | 480-704-3440

Step 2: Homework

We provide agreed upon homework and action items to assist clients in gathering the needed information and working toward the goals set in the mediation sessions. We continue with our meeting in this way, until all information is gathered; issues have been discussed and resolved, action items have been completed and an agreement reached!

We discuss an outline of Mediation Topics and Issues you need to assist you in reaching your unique financial, and/or Co-Parenting plan agreement, consistent with the requirements of the Courts and what  is right with your own unique situation.

Step 3: File Court Documents

We draft and file the appropriate court documents for you.

You stay out of court. You don’t have long stressful court hearing or trials.

No one is served when you choose Advanced Mediation Solutions, premier services.

Step 4: Mediation Sessions

  1. First Mediation Session

    • We normally begin with both parties together in our first session. Why? We have sufficient experience to manage most initial meetings this way and it is more efficient and less costly than individual and separate first meetings. Most of our clients seem to appreciate and prefer this approach. LEARN MORE HERE.
  2. Subsequent Sessions

    • Generally, we meet with you in mediation every several weeks. We may, because of clients’ needs, compress our work and meet more frequently and other times we meet much less frequently due to one or both parties’ travel or restricted availability. LEARN MORE HERE.
  3. 2 HR Session Length

    •  We schedule all sessions as two hour appointments (with the exception being mediation appointments with attorneys present; these are generally scheduled for a half day). LEARN MORE HERE.
  4. How Long Does It Take

    • Our style and approach to your mediation is focused. Most couples with children meet with us between two and four sessions of two hours in length. During these sessions we will consider resolution of all divorce issues. LEARN MORE HERE.

Step 5: Drafting Your Agreements

When final agreement is reached on all issues, the CMSA is prepared, reviewed and perhaps amended and finally signed by both spouses. While perhaps not getting everything she or he would have liked, or initially had in mind, each spouse has determined that every provision is at least something she or he can live with.

The mediator, if a Licensed Arizona attorney, prepares the CMSA that conforms to the requirements of law to form an enforceable contract and handles all of the court filings and paperwork.

In Arizona family law, the expressed intention of the spouses in the CMSA can be important or even determinative of whether any post-judgment motion to amend a portion of the judgment will be considered by the court. Thus, by their wording of the CMSA, the spouses can get finality, or flexibility to take account of unforeseeable circumstances, as they desire.

As an Arizona Licensed Attorney, our expertise is used to formalize your unique and final Mediated Agreement. This is an extremely important part of your mediation process since the written form of the agreements you reach with your spouse or co-parent is reviewed and signed by the judge or magistrate.

The Comprehensive Mediated Agreement is the capstone of all your efforts and when approved, becomes part of your Court Order that governs your after-divorce relationship with your former spouse or co-parent.

This states the details of your agreements and we pride ourselves on the comprehensive and professional detail and formatting of your “Comprehensive Mediated Settlement Agreement (CMSA)“. You may choose to have an independent attorney review your Agreement. This is recommended, but is optional.

After your mediation efforts are concluded, we prepare your agreement. We provide a copy to you for review and after initial edits set a time to meet with you to answer your questions in detail, then review, revise and finalize your Agreement.

Mediation is a voluntary process, from beginning to end, and at Advanced Mediation Solutions we believe you should have the opportunity to review your agreement carefully with whatever advisors you wish i.e. an attorney, accountant, financial planner, other family, friends, etc., and away from any pressures of meeting together.

Our goal is to work together with you to develop your agreement that stands the test of time, not agreements hastily signed under pressure. Many of our clients choose not to review the Agreement with others. At our last session, we also review with you the final Court process and assist you in understanding the final court forms. We file these and all other court documents you need for your court process.

Step 6: Finalize & Sign Your Agreements

When you sign your agreements and final court documents,you can take satisfaction in reaching agreements which make sense for you, your children, your extended family, and for the preservation of your assets.

  1. You will meet to review, finalize and sign your agreements and final court documents we have prepared for you.
  2. We will file everything  with the court for you and your final court signed  documents will be moved for you.
  3. You will never have to step in the courtroom.