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Our style and approach to your mediation is focused. Most couples with children meet with us between two and four sessions of two hours in length. During these sessions we will consider resolution of all divorce issues.

Many divorcing couples without children meet with us only two or three sessions and sometimes even less. Child support modification or post-divorce parenting issues may require as little as a single session!

Of course, many factors can influence how long it takes to complete your mediated divorce and we discuss these with you in our complimentary consultation. Parties who tend to be in more conflict with each other, have more persistent child custody and co-parenting difficulties, or who have more complex marital estates or more challenging support, tax planning and retirement issues often require more time.

No process, lawyer assisted, do it yourself or mediated can complete your divorce in less than sixty days. This is the referred to as the “cooling off period” and is a requirement of Arizona law seeking to keep divorcing parties from acting impulsively. However, it is almost always possible to complete your entire mediation and preparing your agreement before the end of the required waiting period.

Keep in mind that contested and litigated divorces can and often do take many additional months or years to complete.