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Mediation Versus Litigation

There are basically three ways to resolve an issue in a divorce case. Here, briefly are the differences between:

Divorce with Mediation

Seeking a more dignified and respectful approach in Mediation to reduce the
emotional and financial cost, the spouses reach thoughtful deliberate agreement
and are able to follow the agreement because it is based on the deep knowledge
spouses have of their own unique family circumstances.

Divorce with Court

At the end of costly and lengthy litigation, but before going to see the judge,
the spouses “settle” at the courthouse, usually under considerable
pressure and often with many returning to litigation on issues.

Divorce with Litigation

After the costly, stressful and often destructive litigation, the judge decides the
issues applying “law” to the “case” with good intentions; and not enough time
to truly know about each unique family situation.