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Comprehensive Mediated Agreement:

As an Arizona Licensed Attorney, our expertise is used to formalize your unique and final Mediated Agreement. This is an extremely important part of your mediation process since the written form of the agreements you reach with your spouse or co-parent is reviewed and signed by the judge or magistrate.

The Comprehensive Mediated Agreement is the capstone of all your efforts and when approved, becomes the part of your Court Order that governs your after-divorce relationship with your former spouse or co-parent.

This states the details of your agreements and we pride ourselves on the comprehensive and professional detail and formatting of your “Comprehensive Mediated Settlement Agreement (CMSA)“. You may choose to have an independent attorney review your Agreement. This is recommended, but is optional.

After your mediation efforts are concluded, we prepare your agreement. We provide a copy to you for review and after initial edits set a time to meet with you to answer your questions in detail, then review, revise and finalize your Agreement.

Mediation is a voluntary process, from beginning to end, and at Advanced Mediation Solutions we believe you should have the opportunity to review your agreement carefully with whatever advisors you wish i.e. an attorney, accountant, financial planner, other family, friends, etc., and away from any pressures of meeting together.

Our goal is to work together with you to develop your agreement that stands the test of time, not agreements hastily signed under pressure. Many of our clients choose not to review the Agreement with others. At our last session, we also review with you the final Court process and assist you in understanding the final court forms. We file these and all other court documents you need for your court process.